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Are Earplugs Bad for Your Ears?

Woman is holding earplugs in her hand and case for them on the tip of her finger

Earplugs are vital tools that come in handy for many purposes. Whether you want protection against noise while in bed or out on a range, they are critical for many. However, the question remains - are earplugs bad for your ears? Can wearing earplugs hurt your ears? Can wearing earplugs cause tinnitus? Can wearing earplugs cause vertigo? These are valid questions.

Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of earplugs and where you should wear them for the best results. Earplugs aren’t awful if you know how to use them.

Do's and Don't Do’s

First - the do’s and don’ts of earplugs. There are some items you should take care to accomplish every time you wear these devices and things to avoid. Can earplugs cause an ear infection? Not if you’re careful.

Keep reading to learn more about what to do and what not to do with earplugs. The more you know, the better you can defend your ears from sound and earplug harm.


Insert Correctly

Man is inserting transparent earplug into his left ear

Ensure you insert your earplugs correctly every time. Many people shove them inside their ears without a second thought - this action is one of the things that makes earplugs bad for many people. There’s a process that people should follow.

To insert your earplugs correctly:

  • Pull the ear upwards and outwards, widening the ear canal to allow the earplug to fit and stay secure.
  • Push the earplug in and twist until it locks in place.
  • There will be a slight pressure if the earplugs are incorrectly, which will go away shortly after.

After these steps, you will have protection for your ears.

This process will keep your ears as safe as possible. Ensure you put the earplugs in right every single time for the best results.

Clean Your Ears

Next, ensure you clean your ears before and after time with earplugs. This action will ensure no moisture, dirt, or excess wax gets stuck deep inside your ears.

The best way to clean your ears is with a gentle rag or an ear wax softener. Don’t stick a cotton swab down your canal - you run the risk of bursting an eardrum.

Buy the Correct Earplugs

Transparent earplugs are laying on the table

Finally, ensure you buy the correct earplugs for your ears. If you have a tiny ear canal, you don’t want to buy the firm, large plugs that could damage the unique structure of your ear. Speak with an expert to find the right choice for your life.

When picking earplugs, it’s critical to consider everything from the shape to the softness. These factors can mean the difference between harm and comfort.


Reuse Dirty Earplugs

If you’ve just used earplugs, don’t just put them back in their case and put them in another day. Take initiative and clean the earplugs to prevent diseases that come with dirt, especially when sleeping with earplugs.

The more you reuse dirty earplugs, the worse the buildup will get on the outside. Every time they come out of your ears for the day, clean them with mild soap and warm water. If they are disposable, throw them away.

Leave in Longer Than Eight Hours

Golden legs of the black watches are ticking

Don’t leave your earplugs in for longer than eight hours. This length of time might cause infections to form, and it can even cause a buildup of earwax.

This time might not work well for those who sleep longer than eight hours and need earplugs for rest. However, it’s the best way to prevent damage from invading your ears while you wear earplugs.

Insert Incorrectly

Finally, don’t insert earplugs incorrectly. Many people like to take earplugs and shove them into their canal. This action renders earplugs ineffective and can also harm the eardrums beyond repair.

Ensure you insert your earbuds incorrectly. Rubber earplugs have different ways of insertion than foam options do. Are silicone earplugs safe? Yes, as long as you insert them in your ears correctly.

When Should I Wear Earplugs?

Girl on the green background looking to the side and thinking

To protect your ears, it’s vital to avoid wearing earplugs all the time. Only put them in during events where your eardrums will experience loud noises as a precaution.

Let’s talk about a few of the moments where earplugs are necessary. If you encounter these, you should wear earplugs.


Shooting ranges and other areas where firearms go off are great places to wear earplugs. Slide Earplugs will serve as excellent protection against the pops.

Over-the-ear headphones work, but earbuds are better on a firing range. Guns can cause tinnitus when the eardrums are impacted.


Person is sleeping and cuddling white blanket

Some people wear earplugs when they sleep. If you are in bed for less than eight hours, they can make it easier to sleep and prevent other noises from disrupting your rest at night. They can also keep bugs and other critters from climbing in your ears.

At night, you want gentle Foam Earplugs to defend your eardrums. These will keep you comfy while you rest and prevent further damage from impacting your ears, even if you roll over on the earplugs.


Concerts are some of the best places to wear earplugs. Loud music comes out of speakers at a volume so loud it can compete with a jet plane. It’s critical to wear earplugs that will provide defense while allowing you to enjoy the music.

High Fidelity Earplugs provide a layer of protection while letting the music filter inside your ears. Concerts should be fun - not deafening experiences for your body.


Smiling man at the concert is closing his ears with his fiungers

Festivals are like concerts but longer and louder. You need earplugs that can be comfortably removed and cleaned or foam earplugs that can get thrown away after every set.

The Festival Bundle will give you everything you need to defend your ears at a music festival. It’s not good for your ears to experience loud noises for this long - good earplugs will ensure you can head to other festivals in the future.

Final Thoughts

When you wear earplugs, it’s critical to put them incorrectly. Wear the ideal earplugs for the necessary events, like Eargasm Foam Earplugs for gentler situations and High Fidelity Earplugs for a concert experience.

Take care of your ears by performing proper care with your earplugs. Clean them, pick the right ones for your ears, and wear them at the right time.




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