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About Us

In 2015, Ryan Parry had an aha moment: hearing protection needed a refresh. Traditional foam earplugs shouldn’t be the only way to protect your hearing. Sure, they're great for sleep or studying, but life is full of moments where you want to turn down the volume, not mute it entirely.

Enter the High Fidelity Earplugs, the earplugs that started it all. These don't just block out noise; they filter sound to a safer and clearer level. Wear them to concerts and band rehearsals, in a loud factory where people need to communicate, in a roaring restaurant where someone wants to enjoy a night out with loved ones, and for all of life’s loudest moments. 

Eargasm started with High Fidelity Earplugs, but we haven’t stopped there! Today, customers trust us as their one-stop shop to protect their ears. Created for women, men, kids, and everyone in between, we have styles for live events, travel, sensory control, sleep, and more! Eargasm is the premier destination for hearing protection, and every year, we’re innovating on how to serve you better. We're dialed in on the future of hearing protection.

We aren’t just an internet brand. You may have seen us in real life, sharing the importance of hearing protection at music festivals like When We Were Young and Lollapalooza, trade shows like NAMM, and through thoughtful partnerships we are proud to support, like Outright Action International. We’re all ears—let us know where and who you’d like to see us partner with next. 

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The Team


Ryan Parry


Ryan founded Eargasm in 2015. He enjoys being hands on in all aspects of the company and is closely involved in its day to day operations. When not busy serving Eargasm's customers he enjoys playing with his dog Joey and going to the beach.   


Miguel Rivera

Warehouse Operations Manager

Miguel was born and raised in the valley. He operates the day-to-day shipping operations at our local warehouse in southern California. He's also "all about that plant life".


Michael Roloff

Head of Software & Customer Experience 

Michael works with Eargasm's user base to ensure they're matched up with a product they'll love. In his off time, Michael enjoys surfing, cooking, and playing with his dogs.


Johana Coles

Head of Events & Partnerships

Johana is the driving force behind all partnership and event initiatives at Eargasm, leading the charge in orchestrating vibrant festival activations. When she's not immersed in her professional endeavors, you'll find her chilling with her hubby, hanging out with her pup Bulgogi, and hitting the shops for some good ol' retail therapy.


Lila Noori

Head of Business and Partnership Development

Lila works day to day maintaining Eargasm's thriving social media accounts. She loves going to live music events and festivals. She's always looking for the hotspot restaurants in town. She also enjoys trying out new recipes, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


Tristan Morden

Customer Success and Marketing Specialist

Tristan works with the partnership team to build new connections and spread the word about Eargasm. In his free time he loves cooking, drawing, skateboarding, and all things outdoors.


Kevin Flores

Lead Graphic Designer

Kevin works with print or digital media to convey the ideas and goals of Eargasm. In his free times he loves 3D modeling, skateboarding and playing video games.


Brianna Duran

Creative Strategist

Brianna works on creative strategy, brand, and marketing initiatives at Eargasm. As a culture & wellness enthusiast, she is excited about the evolving perception and growing interest in hearing protection. Off the clock, she enjoys taking walks while listening to podcasts.


Taylor Brady

Social Media Manager

Taylor assists with managing Eargasm’s social media accounts and supporting its partners. In her free time, she loves going to the beach, attending concerts/festivals and spending time with her friends and cat.


Brittany Rosario

Event Management Associate

Brittany works on all things festival activation for Eargasm with the goal of driving awareness of the brand and the ethos of seeing live music responsibly. When not attending a music festival for work, she is seeing live music for fun as a fan first, volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation, reading a murder mystery novel, exploring California’s landscapes, or expanding on her film photography.


Nikki Balcazar

E-Commerce Manager

Nikki oversees e-commerce operations, orchestrating strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales. Outside of work, Nikki finds joy in parks, the beach, and quality time with her cherished puppy.


Ashley Peng

Junior Graphic Designer

Ashley contributes to print and digital graphics, creating designs that resonate with customers and enhance the brand experience. Outside of work, she finds inspiration in traveling, experimenting with new recipes, and video games.



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If you have feedback, questions, concerns, or anything else you’d like to share please feel free to use the contact form below. If inquiring about a product purchased from us, please include your order number in your email and we will respond within 1 business day. 

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