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Bella Poarch: How a TikTok Star Became a Musician

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Bella Poarch seemingly became famous overnight. Her TikTok account first gained popularity when people noticed her intensely accurate lip-sync videos. One of these lip-sync TikToks became the most-liked video on the platform in less than a month after posting.

Poarch’s first TikTok video dates back to April 10, 2020. Today, she has more than 40 million followers on her account, due to the attention that her lip-syncing videos got. If you’re curious about this TikTok star becoming a musician, be sure to continue reading!

Who is She?

Bella Poarch is an American-Filipino musician and social media star. She was born on February 8th, 1997 in the Philippines and lived with her family there. Poarch would later live in Hawaii and continue growing up there. Bella Poarch joined the Navy while living in Hawaii too. 

She would later say that being in the military made her feel free and gave her the chance to explore. Old pictures on her Instagram have her wearing her Navy uniform, which lists her last name as Taylor- not Poarch. These images have sparked some confusion among her fans, who question whether Bella Poarch is her real name.

Bella Poarch’s TikTok account became famous after she posted a zoomed-in video of herself lip-syncing to the British rap song, “M to the B”. The video blew up, becoming one of the most liked posts on the platform.

After that, she continued making lip-sync videos, but also added her own new content to TikTok. These videos included dancing, signing, and more. 

How She Started Using TikTok

According to one of Bella Poarch’s Tweets, she was struggling with things in her life. It felt hopeless having to deal with rent and bills. When she felt like giving up, someone she knew told her to download the app.

In the same Tweet, Poarch says that she still deals with many struggles, but she has different resources to fight back now. She’s happy to work with fashion brands, gaming companies, and other musicians and is excited for her day to day life. Poarch also thanks her fans and encourages them to keep going.

Her rise to fame shows how influential the platform can be for many people.

How Did Poarch Become a Musician?

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It didn’t take long for Bella Poarch to get noticed in the world of music. Her TikTok account was already attracting a lot of attention. As she started posting more and more musical content, those in the industry expressed an interest in her.

After her success on TikTok, Poarch would sign a contract with Warner Records. Her first music video would be “Build A Bitch”, which debuted on May 14th, 2021- a little more than a year after her first TikTok video.

She would go on to say that the song was inspired by her experiences with bullying as a young child. Poarch also wanted her song to have a good meaning and give more people confidence in their own bodies. 

Bella Poarch would later say that she has always dreamed of becoming a professional singer. She’s now achieving her goals with the release of new songs and videos. The newest Bella Poarch music video is called “Inferno” and is about her experiences with sexual assault. The music video also reference’s several themes from the Golden Age of films, including the femme fatale character.

Both of her songs were created with Sub Urban (Daniel Maisonneuve). 

Is Bella Poarch Making More Music?

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Many of Poarch’s TikTok followers are wondering when to expect another Bella Poarch music video. It’s very likely we’ll see more content from her in the future since she signed with Warner Records. 

TikTok and the music industry tend to be linked together. Since she’s experiencing TikTok fame and her newest videos are receiving plenty of recognition, it shouldn’t be long before Bella Poarch makes more music. She’s also said that this is a passion of hers as well.

The amount of time between her first two song’s release dates was about two months, which is on par with the average amount of time it takes to make a professional music video. If she follows the same pattern, it could be another two months for the next one to release.

How TikTok Impacts the Music Industry

Budding musicians use TikTok to help with their discovery. Like Bella Poarch, they can build a following and attract the attention of record labels. TikTok is known for making new musicians go viral. 

Popular songs on TikTok influence the billboard hits today. Because of this, many songwriters also post their works on the platform, in hopes of getting noticed. Overall, TikTok and the music industry heavily feed into each other.

Bella Poarch’s “Build A Bitch” became very popular on TikTok, allowing it to achieve a trending status in the music world. 

Was Bella Poarch in the Military?

Yes, Bella Poarch was military. She is a United States Navy vet, after enlisting in 2015. Poarch served the Navy for four years and was stationed in both Hawaii and Japan. She may have joined due to the influence of her adoptive father, who was also previously enlisted in the Navy.

She left to pursue other avenues and interests in her life. Since she’s always wanted to be a singer, it’s possible she left to pursue her dreams and goals.

Final Thoughts

Bella Poarch’s experiences on TikTok would impact her life, sending her on the path towards her music career. She started by making popular lip-syncing videos, which gained her plenty of TikTok likes and followers. From there, she was noticed by Warner Recording and started releasing music videos.

We’re excited to see what the rest of Bella Poarch’s career looks like. She’s released two inspirational pop songs already and it will be interesting to see what types of songs she makes next.

To summarize, TikTok and the music industry are deeply connected with one another today. Many songs that become popular on the platform reach the billboard. It was the case with Poarch’s music and this trend will continue.

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