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6 Things to Do Before Your First 2021 Concert

Eargasm Concert COVID How to prepare

All right. The day is finally upon you. Your first concert of 2021. It’s been a long time coming, and you want to be sure that you have everything in place before the big event. There are essentials that you’re going to want to take with you to ensure that you are comfortable and well-prepared.

On top of that, you need to be sure that you are familiar with COVID concert guidelines. Much has changed compared to the rules that were in place before the pandemic hit. As such, make sure that you read up on all new COVID concert rules before hitting the road.

In doing so, you can ensure that you bring your best self while avoiding potential problems along the way.

Will There Be Concerts in 2021?

Eargasm Dave Matthews Band Tour 2021 Tickets

Most definitely. In fact, many are already scheduled throughout the year. You can find various concert dates and how to order concert tickets. 2021 is already shaping up to host many more live events compared to 2020’s nearly non-existent lineup.

The Dave Matthews Band Tour 2021, for example, has recently announced that it will hit the road on July 23 and run all the way through November 10. If you’re interested in attending a Dave Matthews concert, you can order Dave Matthews tickets online.

Dave Matthews Band Concert News 2021

Check below to see the schedule for the Dave Matthews Band Tour.

July Dates

  • Raleigh, North Carolina at Coastal CU Music Park at Walnut Creek on July 23
  • Charlotte, Alpharetta, Tampa, and West Palm Beach over the remainder of July

August Dates 

  • Chicago, Clarkston, Michigan
  • Noblesville, Indiana
  • Syracuse, Mansfield, Massachusetts
  • Columbia, Maryland
  • Gilford, New Hampshire
  • Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
  • Virginia Beach
  • The Gorge in Quincy

September Dates

  • Washington for annual Labor Day Weekend run September 3 through 5
  • Dumpstaphunk and Allen Stone open at The Gorge on September 3
  • Robert Randolph & The Family Band on September 4
  • Mavis Staples as support on September 5
  • September performances in Bend, Irvine, California
  • Milwaukee
  • Saratoga Springs, New York
  • Wantagh, New York
  • Holmdel, New Jersey
  • Cincinnati and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

October Dates

  • Greenwood Village, Colorado
  • Albuquerque
  • Rogers, Arkansas
  • Durant, Oklahoma

November Dates

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Uncasville, Connecticut

6 Things to Do Before You Go

Eargasm Earplugs Ubbi Dubbi Festival Texas 2021

Pack Light

First things first. While you may be tempted to pack as much as you possibly can, don’t. This is a common mistake that many first-time concert-goers make, and it backfires every time.

You want to keep your pack light and minimal. The more you have weighing you down, the worse your experience will be. Plus, you’re likely going to buy merchandise while you’re there. This will only serve to pile on even more weight and things to carry.

Pack the Best Ear Protection at Concerts

Concerts are loud; that’s understood. But what most people fail to realize is that the continuous loud sound can damage hearing for good. That’s why you see hearing protection for musicians. They know that they need to keep their ears in optimal condition.

Even though they are jamming on stage, they still make sure to protect their hearing. Take a lesson and follow suit by investing a quality pair of earplugs before you leave. You’ll be glad you did.

Plan Your Concert Dress Ahead of Time

You want to look your best. But what you don’t want to do is scramble for concert outfits the night before. To help with this, check online for concert outfit ideas. There, you will find a wealth of resources to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t wear.

While you understandably want to look nice, it’s important to dress smart. You’re sure to fund plenty of pointers on how to do both.

Buy Comfortable Concert Dance Shoes

You’re going to be on your feet. A lot. Not only will you be doing a lot of standing, but you’ll also be doing a lot of dancing. As such, you want to make sure that you have comfy shoes that can hold up to plenty of activity.

Pack Sanitizer

Concerts can quickly become funky places. Therefore, it pays to practice safety while you’re there. You can’t have enough sanitizer when you attend live events, so be sure to bring enough for you and a friend.

Bring some extra masks, too, just in case. You always want to make sure that you have plenty of protection wherever you go. 

Pack the Night Before

You don’t want to be racing around the morning of. Rather, get everything packed up and ready to go the night before. The only thing you want to do in the morning is shower, get dressed, and grab your gear.

Things like your phone will understandably stay with you until you leave. But everything else should be packed. The less chaos in the morning, the better you’ll feel throughout the day. When you’re in a hurry to prepare for your trip, it’s easier to forget essential items, like tickets.

Make a checklist throughout the week leading up to the concert. Gradually pack what you don’t need and mark off as you go. Staying organized is key to ensuring that you don’t overlook anything.

Will Concert Tickets Get Cheaper?

Will Concert Tickets Get Cheaper 2021 prices concert ticket buy now

It really all depends. Some secondary ticket sellers will lower their prices as the concert draws near in an attempt to recoup their initial costs. With that said, though, some tickets never decrease in price.

It’s also worth considering ticket prices in life after the pandemic. Due to strict vaccine rules, there may not be as many people attending live events as there used to be. This could cause ticket prices to increase significantly.

But on the other hand, artists are uniting to push vaccine safety in an effort to raise awareness and bolster confidence in getting vaccinated. Perhaps we will see more concert-goers than anticipated, resulting in ticket prices staying the same.

We might all be surprised to find that ticket prices drop to draw more people to return to live events and social gatherings. If so, you can be sure to see an increase in attendance.

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