Eargasm Slide Earplugs

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ADJUSTABLE VOLUME CONTROL by moving the slider to one of two settings. Reduce noise with an NRR of either 15 dB or 22 dB, all while maintaining crisp, high fidelity sound! 

GET THE PERFECT FIT with three sizes and two different colors of ear tips included with every order. Fits most ear sizes from small to large. Install the ear tips of choice and your Eargasm Slide Earplugs are ready for immediate use!

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED for these innovative earplugs! Our attenuation filters make use of passive technology to provide the best sound reduction possible, without any electronic components needed. 

KEEP YOUR EARPLUGS IN REACH at all times with the included connector cord. A built-in magnet on each earplug allows them to connect to each other for additional convenience! 

STORE YOUR EARPLUGS SAFELY with the sturdy, aluminum keychain carrying case included with every unit! An anti-stick interior guarantees earplugs will always be easily removable. Waterproof rubber seal ensures their protection from moisture, dust, and debris.

NRR (low-end): 15dB
NRR (high-end): 22dB
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Good product

It’s an amazing product, very handy when it need

Elmer A.
United States United States
Better than expected

Went to my first concert since the pandemic started. My Eargasms worked as advertised. The show was loud, but I heard every note. Took them out once and put them right back in. My ears didn’t ring the next day!

Robert S.
United States United States
Totally Worth the Money

I bought these for my boyfriend, I’ve only used them occasionally but I love them. I plan to buy myself a pair. The slide design is incredibly simple (and genius) and truly blocks out an amazing amount of sound on the higher level but you can still hear others talk on the lower lever which is nice so you aren’t shouting at them by accident. I have previously bought and use the high fidelity earplugs (clear) for airplane trips, chain saw work, long car trips, etc. and am happy with them but they hurt my ears after an hour or so. I think the slide ear plugs are more comfortable, I can wear them for longer periods of time, and for a wider variety of situations because of the slide settings. I’m not a fan of loud noises in general and like to block out the world when I study and these are a good option for that too. My bf uses them at his engineering/manufacturing job on the floor and for yard work, so far, and loves them as well. Plus they look great in your ear and discrete. Great product.

Bryson C.
United States United States
Good plugs

My primary uses for earplugs are driving and shooting, When I shoot, I double up with foam and earmuffs, but when I drive I like to hear other things that are going on without the white noise. The plugs fit very nicely, they stay in just fine, and are comfortable to wear for more than a few hours, plus I can listen to the radio and still get some detail in the sound. The only down-side is that I can't tell any difference between the slide positions. They all sound the same. I've heard from other users who do studio live music work that there is a difference when you're doing things like playing drum set or bass guitar, so I'm willing to give them a chance, but so far they're just nice earplugs.

United States United States
Excellent ear protection.

These solved my motorcycle helmet wind noise issues, and make my rides much more enjoyable. No more feeling weird after being exposed to those sounds either.

Gordon S.
United States United States