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Top 5 Essential Items Every Motorcycle Rider Needs

As a motorcycle rider, you’re always looking for the best motorcycle protective gear. You want to stay comfortable on the road, whether that’s tracking down the best high fidelity earplugs, the best motorcycle protective gear, or the ideal motorcycle tool kit to save yourself in an emergency.

These 5 essential items should be in every rider’s list of motorcycle essentials. From the best motorcycle accessories to the best sportbike gear, we’ll go over these items in detail to prepare you for the road, no matter your skill level, riding season, or bike preference.

  1. High Fidelity Earplugs

motorcycle tool kit eargasm earplugs

Every experienced rider knows that the noise on the road can be extreme. To increase your comfort, you need to invest in the best high fidelity earplugs. Our pick for this purpose is the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs set.

Our earplugs are discreet high fidelity earplugs that should be on any rider’s list of motorcycle essentials. They’re made from hypoallergenic silicone, easy to use, and comfortable. We have two shell sizes so Eargasm plugs are perfect smaller ear earplugs as well. We top the list of what to wear as a motorcycle passenger as well, what with all the noise.

By saving yourself from the traffic and engine noise on the road, you can not only ride without distraction, but you can ride comfortably too. Best of all, our High Fidelity Earplugs allow softer noises to pass through so you can still hear what you need to, as opposed to generic noise-canceling earbuds. This means if you have to talk to someone, answer the phone, or answer questions from a police officer, Eargasm earplugs won’t stop you.

  1. The Right Helmet

best motorcycle protective gear

We’re not advertising a brand in this section because no one helmet is the best motorcycle accessory for everyone, but a great helmet is the best accessory that everyone needs. Knowing how to choose a helmet will seriously impact your ability to stay safe on the road by improving your comfort and stability with safety equipment tailormade to your riding season and experience level.

There are a few things to look for in any motorcycle helmet that you plan on adding to your tool kit. First, you need to look at the size and shape based on your head, which only you can do. Next, there are basic features that you can use to compare one helmet to another.

Look at its ventilation construction, how the chin is shaped, the tightness of the mask, and whether it has exhaust ports that will help you breathe. A cheap helmet or a helmet in the wrong size can become a real discomfort if it doesn’t check all these off.

There are generally different types of helmets separated by experience level and riding season. Full-face helmets are the most commonly used but there are lighter models for those more confident on the road who want to prioritize visibility and a lightweight construction over raw protection. There are also helmets made for winter or inclement weather with stronger shields, better CO2 venting, thermal protection, and elastic neck seals to keep out moisture and wind. For certain riders, these helmets are motorcycle essentials.

By looking at the size, type, airflow, and price, you can compare helmets and find the best motorcycle personal protective equipment for you. Your needs are the major factor influencing the decision, so you need to do the research and find the right brand for the weather you plan on riding in, the shape of your head, and the features you feel that you’ll need.

  1. Cycling Gloves

best motorcycle protective gear

    Whether you’re looking for comfort, protective gear, or long-distance motorcycle riding gear, a great pair of cycling gloves should be near the top of your list of priorities.

    Your experience level may determine how bulky you want them to be. Those who are concerned about damage to their hands-on long rides may want to invest in bulky, well-padded cycling gloves. This makes the right pair of gloves one of the must-have Harley accessories, as well as a general safety precaution for on and off-road riding.

    For these purposes, you want to find gloves made of micromesh with strong reinforced fabric across the palm and between the thumb and forefinger. Gel pads commonly reinforce the meaty part of your hand to resist vibrations and prevent scrapes. This improves your grip and stability on the road, which is especially essential in the winter when buying the right cycling gloves could become a life or death decision.

    There are gloves with thermal protection that insulate your heat and elastic cuffs that keep out the cold moisture of the rain and snow, preventing chaffing. If you plan on riding in the winter, you need to find cycling gloves that are not only protected thermally but are housed in fabric shells on the top to shield you from the wind, which can quickly lower the temperature of your extremities.

    This can cause numbness which can lead to a lack of stability and an increased chance of being in an accident.

    Those who are looking for the best sportbike gear or who feel a little more experienced, particularly summer riders who may not want thick polyester gloves, should also look into more minimalistic brands of mountain or sportbike gloves.

    These are often designed minimally, with fabric that conforms to your hand and tight, thin padding across the nerves and palm. They are often also sewn with fabric that makes them touchscreen compatible, which is a convenience to look for in this day and age.

    Make sure that any gloves you get have moisture-wicking technology to prevent chaffing, are contoured to protect your hands, padded as much as you need, and protect against wind and rain.

    1. Tire Inflator

    motorcycle essentials

    Your tires are a significant barrier between you and a potential accident; taking care of them involves personal protective equipment that every motorcycle rider should have. The right foam tubes, shock absorbant covers, and valve stems can keep your tires in working order and prevent an accident.

    Knowing this, a convenient tool you should consider adding to your motorcycle tool kit is a quality tire inflator. This is a handy device that will allow you to check your tire’s pressure and re-inflate it wherever you are, which could be a lifesaver.

    Particularly for cyclists looking for long-distance motorcycle riding gear, you’ll want to add this to your tool kit for the cross-country trips or long training sessions. Being able to get yourself back on the road in a pinch will come in handy at some point, we’re sure of it.

    1. Motorcycle Cover

    motorcycle personal protective equipment

    Particularly for those who have invested in a nice bike and are looking for must have Harley accessories, a bike cover could be one of your motorcycle essentials.

    These waterproof covers come in all sizes for whatever motorcycle you use so you can protect it from water, dust, hail, sand, or whatever else is blowing around. Look for one with double-tapped seams, which will keep it durable for many more years. Since durability is the entire point of this particular accessory, it will pay (literally) to spend extra on it so it lasts you longer and protects your bike more comprehensively.

    The best motorcycle covers also have ventilated fabric that prevents condensation and moisture from building up under the cover, which can damage paint jobs and motors, especially when you’re storing the motorcycle for an extended period of time.

    If you plan on using these covers on a bike that you’re taking on a long trip, also look for an included carrying case and reflective strips on the surface so the bike can be seen at night. Safety lock holes will be useful for you as well in this situation, to prevent anyone from stealing the cover at night.

    Many covers have a universal fit but some are designed especially for Harleys so figure out how much you’re willing to spend and choose a motorcycle cover that best suits your needs and means.

    The Takeaway

    These 5 essential motorcycle accessories should be in any cyclist’s motorcycle gear. The right helmet and cycling gloves can give you comfort and stability on the road while smaller conveniences like the best high fidelity earplugs, covers, and tire indicators are just a few of the cheaper conveniences that can make your ride smoother.

    Staying safe on the road requires these conveniences. Whether you’re looking for luxury motorcycle accessories or the best long-distance motorcycle riding gear for those that travel far on their bike, this list should get you started choosing the right equipment for your needs.

    Work backward from safety requirements to conveniences. This means prioritizing your helmet and cycling gloves, getting them fitted, making sure they’re ventilated and have the protection you need at your skill level. Then, look for conveniences like the tire inflator and cover to make your life on the road easier and keep your bike in better shape.

    Whatever brand of motorcycle essentials you choose, every rider needs to have these essential accessories in their motorcycle tool kit. Figure out your price range and needs based on experience and plan from there.

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