World Hearing Day — Free Foam Earplugs (3 Pairs)– Eargasm

World Hearing Day — Free Foam Earplugs (3 Pairs)

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For World Hearing Day and beyond, we want everyone to experience the game-changing benefits of effective hearing protection. Our gift to you is (3) pairs of free foam earplugs (one order per household, no exceptions). 

  • REDUCE NOISE with a robust 32dB Noise Reduction Rating! Eargasm Foam Earplugs are your go-to for sleeping, snoring, studying, gunfire, or any environment where maximum sound reduction is your top priority.
  • FEEL COMFORTABLE with easily moldable, super-soft foam that slowly expands into the ear to create the ideal seal.
  • EXPERIENCE HIGH-QUALITY FOAM Like all Eargasm products, our foam earplugs are tried and tested. With extensive R&D to produce the best polyurethane, they are the best foam earplugs on the market!  
  • STAY PROTECTED whenever and wherever you need a pair of foam earplugs. 
  • FREE FOR YOU! Yes, free! We’re offering (3) pairs of free foam earplugs to raise awareness and promote hearing protection. 
Join us in making ear and hearing care a reality for all this World Hearing Day.