Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs: Pride Edition

$ 44.95 $ 42.88
Earplugs + Cleaning Kit & Connector Cord


Already trusted by 250,000 customers and growing:

  • Enjoy your favorite activities, without worrying about damage to your ears.
  • Keep the noise to a minimum, but, still hear people talking and hear music with clarity.
  • Every order comes with two shell sizes, so they fit every ear.
  • Discreet design is almost invisible to others.
  • Easy to insert and remove, thanks to the convenient pull tabs.
  • Made with hypoallergenic soft silicone, so that you can wear them comfortably for many hours.
  • Comes with a lightweight aluminum case for easy transport.
  • Trusted by major music festivals.

NRR: 16dB
Expected Noise Reduction: 21dB
For more information regarding our NRR and our expected Noise Reduction, please see here.

Each Order of Earplugs Includes:

1x Pair of Filters*
1x Pair of High Fidelity Standard Size Shells
1x Pair of High Fidelity Small Size Shells**
1x Carrying Case (Standard Size)
1x Gift Box
1x Instruction Manual

*The filters will be pre-inserted in the Standard Size shells for your convenience. You also can easily transfer them over to the Small Size Shells if needed.

**These are an extra set of empty shell sizes to assist you with sizing should the standard size be too big for you.

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Eargasm Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs: Pride Edition Review
Two Thumbs Up From A Hearing Specialist!

Every day, I see dozens of patients with hearing loss...some from serving in the military, some from childhood measles, and an increasing number of people who sheepishly admit to attending loud rock concerts in their youth. I LOVED my new Eargasm earplugs recently at a concert for one of my very favorite bands, and thanks to the attenuating filters, the entire concert was crystal-clear but an appropriate and comfortable volume. They even took the cringe-inducing edge off the drunk Woo Girl next to my left ear. In a nutshell...GO BUY THESE EAR PLUGS! Our hearing is a precious gift, and once it’s gone, it’s gone...but you don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment at concerts to protect it with Eargasm earplugs!!

Katie G.
United States United States
Eargasm Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs: Pride Edition Review
Comfortable enough to head-bang in at a Tool concert

I was waiting to review these until I actually put them to the test at a concert. These arrived really quickly and are easy to insert even with my daith, tragus, and multiple cartilage piercings on each ear. The little carrying case for your key ring is super useful and kept me from losing them on my way to the concert. I was surprised at how much these really dampened the overwhelming LOUDNESS while still allowing me to listen to all the beautiful nuances in my favorite Tool songs. I was able to head-bang and even talk to people next to me with them in. I got out of the concert and took them out — and my ears aren’t ringing or hurting! This was well worth the money and I’m really glad I had them because I was able to enjoy the show more. Thanks!

Ashley R.
United States United States
Eargasm Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs: Pride Edition Review
I have anxiety...

I have anxiety, mostly at work where there are constant loud noises. The first day I wore them, I couldn't believe how calm I felt because the sounds the bothered me, while still present, were greatly lessened . And I am still able to do my job! I love these ear plugs so much. I'm currently waiting to see if they also help with my anxiousness during storms.

Andrea S.
United States United States
Very useful

I finally got to try out my new earplugs last night at a show, and they worked great! I ended up near a speaker and I have no ringing in my ears today, no headache, and I didn't feel like I was getting my brain rattled with sound, but I also didn't feel like the sound was muffled in any way. Glad I got these, excited to use them more in the future.

Suzie G.
United States United States
Just what I needed to enjoy live WNBA again

I have season tickets to the Lynx Women's basketball. Now that we are working back up to full arena's my ears need help enjoying the game. The crowd noise is difficult for me to tolerate. I am quite pleased that I can still hear the person sitting next to me and the important calls by the announcer, however, the roar of the crowd is eased. Eargasm makes a difference in my opportunity to enjoy the game.

Shelley E. Thron
United States United States