Refresher Program– Eargasm

Refresher Program

Earplug Type
High Fidelity Standard Size - Blue
High Fidelity Small Size - Blue
Smaller Ears Earplugs Standard Size - Blue
Smaller Ears Earplugs Small Size - Blue

Keep Your Earplugs FRESH and Always Have a Back Up Set With the Eargasm Earplugs Refresher Program:

Here's How it Works: 

1. Pick one earplug type you would like to receive. 

2. Select how often you would like to receive it (weekly, monthly etc...) 

3. Every earplug unit sent also comes with a complimentary cleaning kit to keep them squeaky clean! 

4. Order it! You will be sent your earplug of choice and cleaning kit on the schedule you'd like. Your order is billed to your credit card the day before your unit is scheduled to ship.

5. Switch your refresher orders to any other earplug model you'd like to try out! 

6. Cancel at anytime after a 2 order minimum is fulfilled by emailing us at


***Please note, it is highly recommended you have already purchased one of our complete earplug sets before signing up for our refresher program. Our complete earplug set comes with multiple shell sizes to help determine the best fit for your ears and a carrying case. The refresher kit only includes one earplug set.***


***All sales are final for products ordered through the Refresher Program***