Sizing Info

Here at Eargasm, we understand that besides having a high quality earplug, a great fit is critical to the user's experience. One size does not fit all when it comes to earplugs! With this in mind, we have worked hard to provide many sizing options for our customers. 

Unfortunately, there isn't really a uniform measuring system for ear canal sizes like for clothing, but if you think back to your experiences with ear products (think in-ear headphones etc...) did you get a good fit? Perhaps they felt too big (which means you probably have ear canals on the smaller side). Or perhaps they felt too small (which means you probably have ear canals on the larger side). 

With your previous experiences in mind, please check out the diagram below:

Sizing Chart for Eargasm Earplugs

We also encourage you to check our video explanation here:  

For more of our instructional videos, click here.

Please remember if you don't get a good fit with your earplugs, you are welcome to return them under the terms of our return policy!