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Ear-Frens NFT

What is This?

The Ear Frens

These little frens were thought up and brought into this world by the Eargasm team. Their only purpose on this planet is to keep YOUR ears safe. 90 special people will have the chance to join the Ear-Frens family; will it be you?

Ultra rare

There will be 80 rare NFTs provided, with only 10 ultra rare NFTs. Know that you'll be holding something that is not only rare in its edition size- but also rare in the hearing protection world. 


Each NFT can be redeemed for a physical copy of the design, plus a box set of our ever-so-popular High Fidelity/Smaller Ears Earplugs, 4 25% coupons provided over the span of 4 quarters, and last, but not least, a FREE set of our newest product sent to you at our next launch.

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You can get your Ear-Fren HERE. Remember- you'll need a Tezos compatible wallet, some Tez, and an account on OBJKT.


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The Ear-Frens

Rare NFT 1/4 ed X/20

Rare NFT 2/4 ed X/20

Rare NFT 3/4 ed X/20

Rare NFT 4/4 ed X/20

Ultra Rare NFT X/10


In addition to the 2.0.3 install, you should be aware that some bugs have already been found, and that a plugin will need to be installed to repair those bugs. If you modify any of the files

March 2nd 2022

Discord Launch
Twitter Space AMA

March 9th 2022

NFT Sneak Peek

March 16th

Twitter Space AMA
Live Reveal of NFT #1
Mint Date Announcement

March 23rd


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ear-Frens Project?

The Ear-Frens Project is a collection released by a leader in the earplug industry- Eargasm Earplugs. As a company, our mission statement has always surrounded innovation. As such, we are joining our fellow NFT connoisseurs in becoming part of the revolution. 

Who's behind the Ear-Frens Project?

The Eargasm team! To learn more about us, see here: https://eargasm.com/pages/about-us

How many Ear-Frens NFTs are there?

There are four rare NFTs, with an edition of 20 in each, and one ultra-rare NFT with 10 editions.

What's the difference between the rare edition and the others?

The edition count; the reason we are labeling these as rare and ultra-rare is due to the fact that there are no common types. These will be a one-time-only drop on the Tezos blockchain so grab 'em while you can.

What exactly am I buying — a computer file?

The NFT you purchase can be considered a ticket of sorts; you will receive the physical version of your carrying case (along with your choice of our High Fidelity Earplugs or Smaller Ears Earplugs), four 25% off coupons that can be used over the span of 4 quarters, along with a FREE set of our newest product sent to you at our next launch.

Is there physical merchandise?

Yes! Each NFT is connected to a corresponding IRL carrying case and box set of your choice (High Fidelity Earplugs or Smaller Ears Earplugs).

How do I redeem my merchandise?

Once purchased, you will need to contact us at info@eargasm.com with your wallet address. We will airdrop you a burn token, which you will need to send to earfrens.tez; after we've verified your wallet, we'll contact you for your shipping information.

How do I get my NFT?

You can get your Ear-Fren NFT here.Please note, you will need the following: a Tezos compatible wallet, some Tez, and an account on OBJKT. To sign up on OBJKT, you will first need a wallet; for a list of wallets, please see here: https://tezblock.io/ecosystem/wallets

Where are you minting?

We are minting on Tezos. Tezos requires less energy and cost to operate than proof-of-work algorithms, making it an ideal platform for more sustainable use! It's also highly secure; Tezos is designed to provide the safety and code correctness required for high-value use.

What marketplace are you guys using?

We will be releasing our work on OBJKT.com: one of the largest NFT marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain.

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