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I go to a lot of concerts and hit the age where it was time to worry about my ears. I purchased these and right away went to two concerts one indoor and one outdoors. My ears felt fine after the concerts and the next day for the first time in a long time. The best part is the sound and vocals came in surprisingly clear still. Very happy with this product and will continue to use for a long time.

Chase D.


I work in a bar that has live music and these were suggested to me. I hate the cheap foam earplugs because you can't hear anything, and I need to hear my customers orders. These dampen the sound just enough to not cause ear damage yet still allow me to hear people speaking to me.



Between the similarly spec'd Westone and Etymotics, these immediately stand out as passing the least colored sound. One of my ear canals is slightly larger than the other; these fit perfectly in both. Overall, a tight and realistic sound at concert volumes, great fit, easy to get in and out. Great ear protection for the money!

Amazon Customer

Concert Sound Engineer

They worked out amazing! Could hear everything at the show but also knew my ears were being protected.

Jack B.


These things were AMAZING!!! I took my oldest son to his first concert which happened to be Metallica and we were on the floor close to the stage and I figured they may muffle the sound from the show. Man was I wrong! We could hear really clear that to the point we did have to move back somewhat for my son. I love the fact that the founder actually reached out to me in an email to see how the product worked. That's VERY rare that people do that these days and it's something I truly appreciated.



Just picked up drumming again. Ears have been ringing for hours after band practices. Regular ear plugs just muffled too much of the sound. I used these for the first time this week. Perfect! Exactly what I needed. Could hear my other bandmates well, and no ringing even after a 2.5 hour practice.

Nathan D.


Amazing. When I was diagnosed with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) keep in mind my right ear is always ringing life has been very difficult. I tried basic earplugs you'd find at Walmart etc. and I didn't like the look to them and how much of a pain it was to insert in my ear. I just received a pair of the Eargasm's today and it was Eargasmic!!! Haha. No hissing noise when I play my instruments. And looks basically unnoticeable. Very easy to put in and take out. The case that it comes with is very handy and durable as well.

Frankie G.

Since I got these I've had the chance to use them at loud job sites with construction and alarm testing. They do the job very nicely and are comfortable to use. Also they come with a special container to store them securely. You can see that you are getting a fine quality product the moment it is in your hands.

Amazon Customer

These are definitely great ear plugs for the motorcycle - and in fact I may need to get a second pair for my road bike (for the long downhills with lots of wind noise). They cancel wind noise nicely while still allowing me to hear the important sounds of traffic, etc. Easy to insert. Firm material that does not flex - which is great.

Daniel C.


I've used these ear plugs at 3 concerts now and they fit well, are comfortable, stay in place, and block enough volume to protect your ears while still allowing you to hear pretty well. So much better than the cheap foam earplugs as far as ease of wear. Easy to remove too. Definitely recommend these.

Lisa E.


Best plugs I've bought yet. Use them for riding the motorcycle and also use them for sport shooting at the range. They are excellent and fit the best in the many plugs I've bought over the years. I am buying a few extra sets because I know I will loose these if I don't keep them attached to something. I will buy again.