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Join the Eargasm family and start earning by promoting products that matter. 

Why Join Us?

Free Earplugs

Get a free set of earplugs to promote on your socials. Choose any earplug from our wide selection here.

Generous Commissions

Earn 15% commission on every sale. Payments are made on the first of every month!

Community Reach

Join a community of over 250,000 customers and thousands of other Earfluencers.

Custom Discounts

Geta  custom 10% discount to provide to your fans; make it branded, and excite potential customers. Once onboarded, feel free to message us and let us know what you'd like. When combined with your talents, this will bring users to your platform in hoards.

Known Brand

Associate with an internationally known brand that has partnered with large-scale music festivals like Warped Tour and Electric Forest, participates in world-renown trade shows such as NAMM, and has been featured in major motion pictures including Book Club. 

Easy Sales

We've been in business since 2015, so we have user experience down to a T. All you need to do is get users over to the site, and we'll handle the rest. We have quizzes available to match users to the best product for their needs, countless videos, live chat, a phone line, and more. 

How to Join?

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You are active on one or more of the following platforms: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook.

You have a following of 2k or above, with an engagement rate that meets our criteria.

You love creating fresh, exciting, and new content for your userbase.

You're active in your community.

You go to a lot of live events!

Then keep scrolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

I applied- now what?

Woo! Thank you for applying. Please wait 1-3 business days while our Head of Partnerships looks over your application- you will receive an email as to whether or not you were accepted.

Do I have to pay for my earplugs?

No! If you're chosen to be part of our partnership program, we'll send them your way, free of charge (no shipping or handling fees either). You'll also get the chance to choose your favorite set.

What do I have to do?

We try to make our partnerships as unique as possible and curated to the person we're partnering with. You'll receive a list of terms, and get a chance to review and edit them before you accept.

What other perks do I get?

In addition to all of the awesome perks we mentioned above, you'll also get notified of any giveaways we're running, exclusive contests catered only to you, free swag, and more. 

I have another question!

No worries! Just email us at or chat with us live using the chat icon to the right-hand-side corner of this page.

Earfluencer Spotlight

Earfluencer Spotlight

Hear What Our Earfluencers Have to Say!

Kenzie Striker

"I have the transparent edition, so it’s ensured to match every single color crazed outfit i come up with. It’s perfect for our work environment since we have 8+ hour shifts at a super noisy live music bar!"

Jesse Fulco

"As a musician and concert go-er, these earplugs have saved my hearing. I was born with severe hearing problems, but after some surgeries I was able to hear well again. I use Eargasm Earplugs at any loud concert to preserve my hearing."


"Music is a big part of my life and if I wasn't able to hear it would be devastating! Eargasm Earplugs are the perfect way to enjoy EDM festivals and protect your hearing."

Ivan Copelli

"They protect my hearing, but still preserving the sound quality, which is crucial for me as a musician. I can continue playing drums or even having a normal conversation in a packed venue without hurting my hearing."


"Hearing damage is non reversible but it can be prevented. It’s never too early and If you’re always at shows and events I HIGHLY advise you to start now. Catch me always wearing my new earplugs, they’re honestly way more comfortable than you can imagine so now you have no excuse!"


"If you do audio for a living you know how important it is to retain your hearing. I go to a lot of concerts and festival and without these my hearing would be absolute garbage at this point."


"Finally, No more ringing ears after raves!! Now I can dance all night knowing that my ears and hearing are protected!"


"I got tired of damaging my hearing so I got Eargasm Earplugs. They provide the best hearing protection, extra tips and a carrying case. They did not fall out AND they protected my ears. 10/10. "


@ shellstoned
"They saved my ears at NCMF. I've never used earplugs before because I hated they way they felt and fit but these feel amazing and won't fall out!"