Eargasm Squishies

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Bigger, Better, Squishier! 

Introducing: Eargasm Squishies 

  • SQUISHIER - Our proprietary moldable silicone material is gentle on your ears and conforms to any ear shape - perfect for swimming, working, and sleeping in!
  • EIGHT PAIRS INCLUDED - With this many pairs, you'll have plenty for yourself and even have a few left over to give to a family member or friend!
  • BIGGER - Our moldable silicone earplugs are 50% larger than many competing brands to provide more material per earplug to get the best fit! Have smaller ear canals? No worries! Eargasm Squishies can easily be broken apart into small pieces to find the best fit possible.
  • MULTI-USE - Our earplugs are waterproof and will create an airtight seal. With an NRR of 22 dB, they are fantastic for reducing unwanted noise or keeping water out of your ear canal.
  • FREE STORAGE CASE - Keep your Squishies safe and clean with the included sealed carrying case! No need to worry about debris or dust settling on your new earplugs.
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Eargasm Eargasm Squishies Review

Great for sharing!

These are incredible! I always keep them on me and pass them around to people at shows who may need them :)

Cheyenne G.
United States United States


i have the curse of being an extremely light sleeper, so much so that it negatively affects my quality of life- i would wake up twice, up to 4 times a night by most noises. i have small ears, so most ear plugs are incredibly uncomfortable to wear, especially to sleep! i'm sensory sensitive so they would never work for me. My therapist had recommended to me these Eargasm Squishies because they had other clients use them with positive feedback. Gel earplugs that you can mend to your own unique ear shape? that sounded promising to me so i took the shot. It took a while to get used to them, especially how they feel and figuring out the amount of gel i needed per ear. Now, they don't perfectly drown out every sound, and i wasn't expecting them too, but they do muffle out small sounds from around the house. So these earplugs don't help me fall asleep if there's already sounds occurring while i'm awake- BUT they help me to not wake up from random noises throughout the night. This alone changed my sleep drastically for the better, waking up much less prevents my sleep cycles getting interrupted allowing me to feel more genuinely rested. So even if these earplugs don't perfectly 'fix' my sleep, they've definitely helped enough to increase my quality of life: i'm less grumpy, i don't find myself needing to 'oversleep' until my body aches, and i no longer find myself laying in bed miserably awake for hours because my sleep was interrupted. If you experience any of these issues, i can recommend giving these a try!

Alexandre P.
United States United States

Good earplugs for sleeping

Good noise reduction. Doesn't reduce all vibration noise, but good enough. Stays in the ear well. Does get dirty quickly and will eventually need to be tossed and replaced.

Mingche W.
United States United States


I have been wearing those plugs that fit IN the ear canal for a while now, to sleep. And they finally just got too painful and itchy, that I had to take them out just to try and sleep. And then the dog snoring, and running in her sleep, made so much noise, she'd wake me up all night long. So I found these squishies. Didn't really hold out much hope that they would work as well as the foam ones. But man was I wrong!!! These things are AMAZING! And so comfortable! I am sold! These will be my go to ear plugs from NOW ON!!!! LOVE THEM!!

Lady L.
United States United States


I have finally been able to sleep without hearing my dog snore. I only wish the "plugs" would last longer.

Christine R.
United States United States