Eargasm Infrared Thermometer

Eargasm Infrared Thermometer

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Times are tough and the world is changing at a rapid pace. The Eargasm Team has always made a point of providing protection- may it be hearing protection, or otherwise. That's why we're releasing our new FDA Cleared Eargasm® Infrared Thermometer! Our thermometer provides a no-contact temperature measuring device that is clean, safe, and quick. 

Use our infrared technology to quickly take someone's temperature without getting in close contact. The Eargasm® Infrared Thermometer also has the following features:

1) AFDA Cleared Device! Premarket Notification #K190984

2) Take temperatures fast! It takes only 1 second to display someone's temperature accurately

3) Switch between showing readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

4) Store up to 50 past temperatures in the memory of the device

5) Get alerted of different temperatures via a colored backlight

5.a) Blue backlight for normal temperatures (below 37.5°C / 99.5°F)

5.b) Purple backlight for low-grade fevers ( temperatures above 37.5°C / 99.5°F and below 38.5°C / 101.3°F)

5.c) Red backlight for temperatures above 38.5°C / 101.3°F


*This device should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease.

-Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer)
-Public health officials, through their experience with the device in the particular environment of use, should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature based on the skin telethermographic temperature measurement
-The technology should be used to measure only one subject's temperature at a time
-Visible thermal patterns are only intended for locating the points from which to extract the thermalmeasurement.