NAMM 2020 Eargasm Earplugs Giveaway Rules

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-1 free earplug per person and 3 add-on discounted earplugs per person. We reserve the right to cancel with or without notice anyone who violates this limit.

-To ensure we properly distribute product, the name on the free earplug voucher must match the name on your NAMM badge. No exceptions.

-Upon sign up please let us know which sizing option you'd prefer. We will do our best to provide you with this sizing option, but cannot guarantee availability of any particular size. 

-We reserve the right to refuse a voucher for any reason including but not limited to: suspicion of fraud, barcode not scanning properly for any reason, unexpected stock shortages. 

-Offers from this giveaway can only be redeemed in person at the Eargasm Earplugs booth #6647 at NAMM 2020. Redemption via shipping product or any other means is not permitted.

-If discounted add-on earplugs are not picked up at show, please email us at and we can process a refund for your order within 5 business days.

-Please note this giveaway does not give you an access badge to the NAMM show and you must obtain your badge through another organization.