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5 Best Tips for Music Festivals

Music festivals have become widely popular over the last few years, especially during the summer. Take Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Electric Forest, as examples (among many others) that are offering magnificent outdoor shows around the world. Thinking of going to the next festival? You might as well be ready! Plan ahead of time and enjoy your next festival outing to the fullest.

What are some music festival must-haves? Some include:

  • Making sure you have your tickets 
  • Keeping your devices fully charged (to stay connected with friends)
  • A safe location to stay in
  • Having sunscreen on hand (for music festivals in the summer)
  • A water bottle or a backpack with a water compartment (CamelBak, Vibedration, etc.)
  • Hearing protection to keep your ears safe (festivals are loud)

Want more music festival tips and essentials for your next experience? Read on!

The Magic of Music Festivals ✨

Going to a music festival is always something to remember. No matter which festival you enjoy the most or even if you’re not entirely familiar with the lineup, music festivals are great opportunities to enjoy some sun, greenery, and music with friends (and soon to be friends).

One of the awesome things about music festivals is the fact that one can see as many bands as possible in a short period of time!

Also, some music festivals will focus on a particular genre of music, like Lollapalooza, for example, that combines alternative and pop culture music. Most festivals, though, will strive to set up a diverse lineup to appeal to as many music lovers as possible, which is why so many people end up going!

Summer & Music is the Way to Go 🌴

Summer music festivals are amazing opportunities to listen to new music you otherwise might have not taken interest in and see a ton of your favorite artists in just a few days. 

But music festivals, to be fully enjoyed, must be taken seriously. Music Festivals involve getting exposed under the, usually scorching, heat and sun for long periods of time, using port-a-potties, and having limited access to food and sleep. It’s important to be prepared for the discomforts that come with a music festival, and preventing these situations are a great way to enjoy your time!

Want to learn about what to bring to a music festival? Let’s go over a few items:

Use Hearing Protection 👂

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We can’t stress this enough. The smartest thing you can do is purchase high-fidelity earplugs. You may not have considered it before, but the level of sound at music festivals can go up to, and over, 100 dBs! This level can damage your hearing in a little under an hour.

With high-fidelity earplugs, you won’t miss out on the music, as they will only reduce volume- not the clarity of sound. Basically, avoid going to music festivals unprotected. You don’t want to ruin your experience, or worst yet, end up in the medical tent due to pain.

Stay Hydrated 💧

Another music festival essential is… water. Stay hydrated! Music festivals are highly draining due to the fun (but oftentimes dangerous) combination of dancing, sun, and the heat. And of course, since you’re having the time of your life, you’ll most likely forget to drink water.

Not to mention, most music festivals don’t allow beverages to be brought in for safety; they do, however, hydration stations and water bottles.

Hydration stations are one of the best, and much needed, additions to music festivals. These are places where you can go and fill your waterbottle, or your CamelBak/Vibedration Backpack/etc. We highly suggest you invest in one of these, especially if you frequently go to festivals. Music festivals will sell overly-priced water bottles, so your best choice is to take a backpack with a fill-up compartment. Not to mention, having a backpack with a water compartment is way better than carrying a water bottle for the entire festival! 

Find a Mutual Meeting Place 🤝

Everyone has a particular artist they want to see; that’s why it’s important to know what times they will be playing. However, it’s also important to know where to meet your friends if you get lost in between sets. Music festivals will overlap popular artists on different stages, so look over the set times to know exactly where you need to be at a certain time. This way, you can set up different meeting places in case you and your friends part at some point to enjoy different artists.

Remember that crowd size will depend on the artists’ popularity. So if you’re looking forward to Sam Smith, for instance, make sure you stay connected with friends and let them know where they can find you if they prefer seeing other shows instead. It’s highly important to have more than one meeting spot - possibly not as far away from each other - so you can always find your friends.

Know When to Take a Break 🧘🏻‍♀️

In the thrill of it all, many forget to take a breather. It is vital to take a break, sit down, or simply get away from the crowd for a while. Plus, you don’t want to be too tired for the remaining days or end up with muscle pain or other issues for not taking it easy! It’s normal to get excited and forget, but it could easily ruin the rest of your time there. 

Listen to your body!. Make note of when it’s going to be hottest that day and, during those times, take a step back and head to the shady areas.  

Never Go Alone 👫

Music festivals aren’t the safest place to go alone due to the large crowds and how chaotic they can get. So it’s best if you bring friends along! If you don’t have anyone to go with, join an online group in your town and meet before going. However, it’s important to know who you’re going with - so make sure to get to know them! If you’re not feeling their vibe, simply refuse and find someone else. Remember, you have to have a great time with whoever you go with.

Are you Forgetful? Make a List! 📱✅

Don’t think you’ll remember all this? Don’t worry! Just save this blog onto your phone and make a list. Check everything off that you’ll need to take with you! Remember, music festivals are way more fun if you stay safe and responsible. Bring your essentials, stay hydrated, don’t go alone, wear hearing protection, and always stay connected. Enjoy!

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